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center hours

11am to 7pm

12Pm to 4pm

Tutoring hours change seasonally so please call today for hours of availability




Eye Level Math is designed to help students improve their mathematical thinking and problem solving skills by enabling them to master concepts each step of the way as they progress through the curriculum.



Eye Level English is based on the U.S Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts. The goal is to help students master English, systematically, through enhancing the target language skills.


You guys are AWESOME!!

You have helped
my son tremendously.
He went from a
D to an A! WOW!!!
You've really helped
improve his confidence as well.
Thank you so much!

Christi - Mom

This educational support
service is run by caring,
knowledgeable people.
At times, I refer a student
to them when I feel the
student is in need of more
consistent and detailed instruction.

Jaika - Tutor

Our children have been
attending Eye Level Learning
this year to improve
theirmath skills.
We really wish we had
done this earlier.
The children's skills have
caught up and surpassed
their grade level this year,
and we are very happy with
the friendliness that this place
provides with its education.

Robert - Dad